Education in working life is vital for businesses. This is because the machinery that drives businesses up or down is not buildings but human resources. You will benefit from this human resource according to how you utilize it. If you spend great efforts towards employees and contribute to their development, you will in fact have done important work for the future of your company and salvaged your own future.
Our Training
1. Personal, Corporate, Mass Quality Culture 
2. Lower-Upper Relationships
3. Body Language - Non-Verbal Communication 
4. Motivation of Employees 
5. Conflict Management 
6. Change Management
7. Team Spirit 
8. Personnel Selection and Psychotherapy in the Interview 
9. Industrial Discipline and Loss Management 
10. Effective Presentation 
11. Effective Communication Management
12. Effective Meeting Techniques 
13. Management with Objectives 
14. Human Resources Training 
15. Business Study and Evaluation 
16. Worker Health and Work Safety 
17. Labor Force Planning and Norm Staffing 
18. Quality and Costs of Poor Quality 
19. Decision Making Problem Solving Techniques 
20. Career Planning 
21. Crisis Management 
22. Leadership 
23. Customer-Focused Marketing Strategies 
24. Performance Appraisal System 
25. Project Management
26. Reporting Techniques 
27. Strategic Planning 
28. Team Building and Team Management 
29. Basic Labor Law and Social Insurance Institution Practices 
30. Meeting Management 
31. Price Management
32. Efficient Working Techniques
33. Restructuring - Reorganization 
34. Time Management 35. 5 S 
36. Budgeting and Control 
37. Modern Purchasing Techniques 
38. End of Term Results Operations 
39. Financial Table Analysis 
40. Financial Management - Fund Management 
41. FMEA Fault Types and Effects Analysis 
42. Financial Issues Every Manager Should Know 
43. Management Systems Internal Auditor Training 
44. Management Systems Lead Auditor Training 
45. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement and Development)
46. Financial Control and Analysis with Tables 
47. Cost Reduction Techniques 
48. Cost Accounting Techniques 
49. Strategic Thinking 
50. Total Quality Management 
51. International Financial Reporting (IFRS) 
52. Production Planning and Control 
53. Output Measurement and Evaluation 
54. Simple Production

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